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"My China Workbook"
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• Fun and "safe" way to talk about adoption from China
• Your child does the writing

What my customers say...

"Sometimes I need someone to ask me a question in order to relay my feelings and emotions. The book made it easier to do that.”
~ Christine Burke, age 14, Washington

"This workbook has shown me that using different words to describe the same thing taps a different set of emotions. I'm happy [we were able to work through this] at home, rather than after a thoughtless comment from a classmate or another adult." ~ Karen, with her mom, Kristen

"I have seen a confidence in Sara (age 9) since we've done this workbook that I have never seen before. It seems like a big puzzle piece was just put into place for her. Thank you so much for putting together these books!" ~ Fran Zabawa, Colorado

A Lifebook tool for Kids Adopted from China.

Asking the right questions can have amazing results! Discover the fun, "safe" way to talk about your child's adoption from China.

Children adopted from China have special concerns other children don’t. Often, school-age, adopted children won't voice their questions without prompting from loved ones. Whether or not you've already completed a lifebook for your child, you'll find wonderful benefit in My China Workbook. With the help of this school-like format, your child is doing the writing and creating their own special adoption story. This creates an energy that leads to asking questions or sharing inner thoughts they might not otherwise reveal.

Sample Pages

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My China Workbook makes talking about hard topics easier

This simple, creative tool offers your child:

Parents love this adoption workbook because it:

Working Together On "Adoption Homework" Brings You Closer

My China Workbook is an interactive way to communicate with your child. With fill-in-the-blank questions, drawing pages and adoption-related homework, the two of you can spend true quality time together in a safe environment to work through any issues that come up.

With the guidance of this fun and helpful resource, you'll be able to communicate better with your child, answer hard questions more easily, develop a closer relationship and define her past so she can thrive in the future!

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