Beth O'Malley's Adoption Lifebooks

"My China Workbook" Page Titles

• Birthdays
• All About Me
• Baby You!
• Your Birthday And Beginnings
• Your Birth Mother
• What Does She Look Like?
• What Should You Call Her?
• Your Birth Father
• The Mystery Of Me
• How Everyone Gets Started
• Babies Can’t Do Anything Wrong
• China - Your Birth Country
• Your Chinese Name
• About China
• China’s Rules About Kids
• What About You?
• My Special Place
• Your First Home(s) In China
• Why So Many Girls?
• If If If
• Waiting For You
• Finding Out About You—The Referral
• Travel Time
• Becoming A Family
• Going Home
• Each Family Is Different
• Dealing With Questions About Adoption
• Being Adopted, Chinese, And A Girl
• Who Else Was Adopted

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