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Beth O'Malley's Lifebooks
(Included here for sharing this page as a printout.) Beth is an adoptee, an adoptive mom, and an adoption social worker. She has written four books for adopted and foster children to help tell their stories, and you can buy them here, as well as her special reports. She also offers tons of free resources, articles, a monthly newsletter, success stories, and a Q & A section.

dMarie Time Capsule
Discover what happened the day you were born. Headlines, toys, movies, or even famous people born on same date.

Day of Birth
Learn what day of the week you were born on. Discover how many days until your next birthday, or how many seconds old you are, plus other links.

Adoption Articles by Adult Adoptee
Want to learn more? Need handouts for training? Check out articles written by an adult adoptee/adoptive mom/adoption social worker. (That would be me—Beth O'Malley.)

Behind the Name
Want to know what a name means? From anywhere in the world? This unique site has articles, tools and links helpful for any family.

Birthday Weather
Find the weather for any state or country. If you want weather for a historical date, i.e. your child’s birthday, go to that country/city you want and enter that date.

Interested in finding a map? Google it! Go to and type in the name of the country, state, province, city, or any other location on Earth, and get a map and aerial views. There are also many other sites that have downloadable maps, geography facts, and more. This is a very easy and helpful tool for showing children where they were born and where they live now.

Karen’s Adoption Links
Perhaps one of the best adoption sites. It contains tons of resources related to both lifebooks and adoption. IT IS A NON-COMMERCIAL WEBSITE. Includes international birthfamily search resources and sibling registries for both adoptive parents and adult adoptees.

Unique Resource
Offering Photo Realistic Age Regression Services for Adopted families & their children who have no baby photos. We can also show what their parents may have looked like.

Life Book Supplies/Materials

Life's Journeys Scrapbooking
Wonderful source for elegant Asian and International scrapbook and lifebook supplies. Unique domestic adoption items available as well.

Scrap and Tell
Adoption scrapbook/lifebook supplies and information, wide selection of goodies, samples of actual page layouts, articles etc

Foster Care Resources
A social network dedicated to improving the lives of foster and adoptive youth. Members Include foster parents, social workers, CASA, volunteers

Children’s Psychological Health Center (CPHC)
Research on the effects of Lifebooks (personal life history books) used in foster care.

Foster Club
One of my favorites! A website just for older children (ages 10 and up) in foster care. Has a section for grown ups as well.

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