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"Peace of Mind" Consult: 1 Hour via Telephone

Many people have wanted to talk with me about lifebook issues.
Now you can! Get my personal feedback and assistance in a private telephone conversation.

The consults fall into 2 categories:

1. Stuck: You haven’t written a page. Struggling with what to include. Frozen. Stuck on how to present some "tough" facts?

— OR —

2. Review: You’re almost done with the book, but not sure about a few pages? Need an outside opinion (from a lifebook expert) before presenting it to your child?

I can help! Your first steps:

Step #1: Email me a brief description of your child’s adoption (Stuck), or email me the text or photos of any pages you have completed (Review).

Step #2: Include in the email a list of questions you want to discuss during our Consult.

What I'll do:

First, I will determine how I can be of assistance to you. Some issues are more complicated than what we can cover in one hour, so I'd want to determine that before our call.

Then I will review your written material and perhaps email back to you any questions I may have before the call.

You are not charged any time until we talk on the phone.

This is private, I’m honest but kind, and parents find this gives them the peace of mind that they are providing the right information at the right time in their child's life.

How to schedule your Consult:

The investment is just $50.00 for 1 hour. All proceeds go to "Beth's New Computer Fund."

Click Here to Buy NowTo schedule your consultation, click on the "Buy Now" button at right and order the "Personal Consultation with Beth O'Malley." I will contact you to arrange a session. Or, if you prefer, you can send me an e-mail at with "Consult" in the subject line, or call me at 617-846-6718 Boston time.

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