Beth O'Malley's Adoption Lifebooks
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Beth O'Malley
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Adoption and Foster Care Lifebooks

You can help your child understand their past so they can thrive in their future.

How Do Adoption Lifebooks Help?

Lifebooks fill in the child’s history gap with words, artwork, and photos, if available. The words will create pictures when none exist.

My social work career landed in adoption 30 years ago. I learned how to make lifebooks for children and teens in foster care.

But there’s more. I spent my first 5 months in foster care before being adopted.

My adoptee experience coupled with my professional adoption experience resulted in the creation of this website (1999) and the original guide Lifebooks: Creating a Treasure for the Adopted Child in 2001.

The best part? In 2002 I adopted an 11-month-old baby. This baby is now 19. She had an adoption lifebook at an early age and has reaped the benefits.

Doesn’t your child or a child on your caseload deserve their own lifebook?

Social work professionals. Don’t have time to write a lifebook from scratch? Find out more about the foster care lifebooks for school-aged children, My Foster Care Journey, and my teen lifebook, entitled For When I’m Famous.